Wyoming Amateur Hockey Association

WAHL Rules

WAHL Rules & Regs 2013-14 Season



2013-2014 SEASON


  1. NAME
    1. The name of the league shall be the Wyoming Amateur Hockey League and may also be referred to as WAHL, League, or the League.


    1. The WAHL shall be affiliated with USA Hockey (also referred to as USAH) by virtue of association with the Wyoming Amateur Hockey Association (also referred to as WAHA), player, coaches, and team registration with USA Hockey.
    2. The USA Hockey Code of Conduct and Player’s Guide shall govern all WAHL play.


    1. Each Member Association shall appoint two (2) representatives (also referred to as Member Representatives) to WAHL, one (1) of whom is designated to vote.
    2. The Member Representatives shall govern WAHL.
    3. Member Representatives exercise the one (1) voting rights of his/her associations.
    4. An association may designate a temporary representative(s) when the appointed representative(s) are unable to attend a meeting.
    5. A WAHL Board of Directors consisting of a Commissioner, Secretary, Treasurer, Scheduler, and Age Group Directors (one each for Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, Midgets and/or High School, and Girls) shall cast one (1) vote per position on all matters requiring a vote. The Vice-Commissioner only has voting rights when he/she is acting in place of the Commissioner. The Communications Director does not have voting rights on the WAHL Board.


    1. Election and/or appointment of WAHL Board of Directors
      1. Commissioner
        1. A Commissioner of WAHL shall be elected by the Member Representatives at the annual meeting.
      2. Vice – Commissioner (also referred to as VC)
        1. A Vice – Commissioner shall be appointed by the WAHL Commissioner upon vacancy.
        2. The Vice-Commissioner is expected to take the place of the Commissioner when he/she vacates the position.
      3. Scheduler
        1. A Scheduler shall be elected by the Member Representatives at the annual meeting. 
      4. Secretary
  1. A Secretary of WAHL shall be elected by the Member Representatives at the

Annual meeting.

  1. Treasurer
    1. A Treasurer of WAHL shall be appointed from the WAHA Executive Board. The Treasurer will be one and the same as the WAHA Treasurer because of tax and 501 (c)(3) reasons.
  2. Communication Director (also referred to as CD)
    1. The Communication Director shall be appointed by the WAHL Commissioner upon vacancy.
  3. Age Group Directors (also referred to as AD)
    1. A Director for each age classification that conducts competition in WAHL shall be elected by the Member Representatives at the annual meeting.
    2. Age classifications include Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, Midgets and/or High School, and Girls.
  4. Terms of WAHL Board of Director Officers
    1. Each elected term shall be two (2) years and shall be staggered.
    2. The Scheduler, Midgets and/or High School, Girl’s Director, and Peewees shall be elected in odd numbered years. The Commissioner, Bantams, Squirts, and Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years.
    3. The Commissioner has the authority to appoint a new Director to an expired or vacated Director’s term. Election of a replacement Director shall occur during the proper election year. (See Section V, Subsection b, paragraph iii.)
  5. Duties of WAHL Board of Directors
    1. The Commissioner is responsible for establishing and overseeing the operations of the Wyoming Amateur Hockey League within the scope of authority granted by the Board of Directors. He/She oversees regular season and tournament scheduling and the planning of any Annual Championship Tournaments; resolves games protests subject to appeal to the WAHA President, WAHA Referee-In-Chief, and Specific WAHL Age Director; imposes suspensions and other disciplinary measures resulting from infractions of the rules of WAHA and USA Hockey, including but not limited to rules of the game, player code of conduct and zero tolerance, subject to appeal to the WAHA President, WAHA Referee-In-Chief, and Specific WAHL Age Director; performs other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. The Commissioner may establish committees within respective Divisions composed of volunteers not serving on the Board of Directors, without vote on WAHL issues. Commissioner shall appoint each Age Director. Each Age Director is under the direct scope of authority of the WAHL Commissioner and shall report directly to the WAHL Commissioner. He/She shall manage the communications between WAHL, the Age Directors, and teams in the age brackets. The Commissioner also monitors teams for compliance to WAHL rules, including suspensions and works with Age Directors to resolve scheduling, game and roster issues and to distribute league information. He/she also coordinates with Host Site Playoff Director and Age Directors for planning and administering the playoffs for their age brackets.
    2. The Vice-Commissioner reports to WAHL Commissioner.  He/She is responsible for duties of the Commissioner in the event the Commissioner is unable to perform said duties.  The VC works with Commissioner and Age Directors in any capacity needed and serves as a liaison between local associations and the WAHL Commissioner. The VC shall serve on the “APPEAL BOARD” for any protests or League disciplinary appeals and shall follow and enforce ALL WAHL Rules.
    3. The Scheduler shall, in conjunction with the Age Directors and Member Association Schedulers, develop and maintain the League schedules. The Scheduler shall coordinate the playoff and State Tournament Schedules.
    4. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Member Representatives and League Directors. He/She shall publish and distribute minutes to all League Member Representatives, members of the WAHL Board of Directors, and the WAHA Executive Board.
    5. The Treasurer shall prepare a budget report for the approval of the League Member Representatives and League Board of Directors. He/She shall also provide a copy to the WAHA Executive Board.
    6. The Communications Director reports to WAHL Commissioner and is responsible for maintenance and updating of WAHA\WAHL website.  He/She Works with Pointstreak to resolve issues and ensure accurate and timely verification of all data and works with the Association Pointstreak representatives to resolve issues and input team rosters and game results.  He/She also works with Age Directors to verify accuracy of team rosters, game schedules, playoff schedules and game suspensions.  The Communication Director shall establish effective communications with local associations, WAHA and WAHL to promote the sport of hockey in Wyoming through the use of the www.wyohockey.com website.
    7. Age Directors reports to WAHL Commissioner. AD works directly with Team Managers and Coaches in their respective age bracket on scheduling, roster issues, game result reporting timeliness and accuracy as well as division administration. AD have final approval of schedule and shall work with WAHL Commissioner and Host Site Playoff Director for planning and administering the playoffs for their age brackets. AD should plan on being in attendance at their division’s playoff, shall serve on the “APPEAL BOARD” for any protests or League disciplinary appeals and shall follow and enforce ALL WAHL rules.  AD shall be responsible for verifying all rosters entered into Pointstreak for their specific age group.  AD shall also verify all game scores and suspensions as entered into Pointstreak.  AD shall work with the Communications Director to establish seeding and brackets for state playoffs.  AD shall ensure that all games are entered into Pointstreak in a timely fashion and according to the rules of WAHL.  AD shall verify and enforce player eligibility and verify that all players listed for games have played in said games.
  6. Board Member Expenses
    1. All elected WAHL Board Members and Age Directors will be reimbursed for their travel expenses (mileage, hotel, and per diem) for all required travel to WAHL and WAHA events.


    1. Voting shall be by a voice vote or by show of hands unless the Member Representatives decided upon a confidential ballot. Absentee voting will be allowed provided the WAHL Secretary receives completed absentee ballots five (5) days prior to the WAHL meeting.
    2. Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.
    3. Each WAHL Board of Director Member (except the Vice-Commissioner and Communication Director), Age Group Director, and Member Representative is allowed one (1) vote each. A WAHL Board of Director member or Age Group Director may also serve and vote as a Member Representative with written permission from the Member Representative’s Association President being submitted to the Secretary in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours before the start of the meeting.
    4. Election of Board of Directors
      1. For the election of Commissioner, Age Group Directors, Scheduler, and Secretary each designated member representative shall cast:
        1. One (1) vote for associations with 1-10 teams participating in WAHL,
        2. Two (2) votes for associations with 11-20 teams participating in WAHL,
        3. Three (3) votes for associations with 21-30 teams participating in WAHL, and
        4. Four (4) votes for associations with 31 or more teams participating in WAHL.


    1. Membership is open to any youth team or association in good standing with WAHL, WAHA and USA Hockey subject to approval of the WAHL Board of Directors.
    2. Membership requires that teams and/or association adhere to policies, procedures, rules and regulations of WAHL, WAHA, and USAH.
    3. Requests for memberships shall be submitted to a vote of current voting members.
    4. Acceptance for membership requires a majority of members present and eligible to vote.
    5. Meetings
      1. Each designated voting Member Representative shall cast vote(s) per Section V, Subsection d, paragraph i for policies, rules and regulations approval or amendments thereof.
    6. The WAHL Board of Directors shall be afforded one vote per member listed in Section V, Subsection b. The Vice-Commissioner and Communications Director do not have voting privileges.
    7. Quorum
      1. A quorum is required before any vote can be taken. A quorum shall consist of at least seven voting members of the eligible voters from the Member Representatives and the WAHL Board of Directors.
    8. Decisions
      1. All decisions of the voting Member Representatives and WAHL Board of Directors shall be made by a simple majority of votes cast unless a larger proportion is required by those Rules and Regulations once a quorum is obtained.


    1. WAHL Meetings should be held (at a minimum) in conjunction with WAHA meetings. An annual meeting is required and should be held in conjunction with the WAHA Annual Meeting.
    2. Conference call meetings shall be allowed provided a quorum is obtained. During a conference call, a voice vote will be accepted.
    3. Notice of WAHL meetings shall be given two (2) prior to the date of the meeting. A notice shall be communicated to all Member Representatives and the WAHL Board of Directors.
    4. WAHL meetings may be held without a quorum but no voting can take place.


  1. FEES
    1. WAHL fees structure shall be established annually at the Annual WAHL Meeting.
    2. WAHL fees will be assessed by the WAHL Treasurer when the WAHL Teams are determined and fees will be due within forty-five (45) days of assessment of the fee.
    3. Failure to make payment of the WAHL fees shall result in forfeiture of any games played and will suspend the offending team from competing in any remaining scheduled WAHL games until the offending team is reinstated.
    4. Reinstatement into the WAHL requires payment in full of any past due fees and also payment in full of any remaining fees for the current season. Games recorded as forfeiture shall stand.
    5. An annual fee shall be assessed to each Association that has a team participating in the WAHL. These fees shall be used for the purchasing of Age Division traveling trophies and State Championship Banners.
    6. League fees for the 2013-2014 season are set at $250. $150 per team that attends the State Tournament will go to hosting site for the State Tournament. If a team doesn’t qualify for the State Tournament, then $150 is refunded to the association if the association is in good standing. $100 will be withheld and go to WAHL administration.


    1. In order to promote the development of players at all levels of competition and to provide uniformity of competition and expansion of youth hockey, the following rules apply:
      1. The total number of teams registered with in the age classification of an association may determine the competitive level at which each team competes. A minimum of four (4) teams are required to form a competitive division within an age classification.
      2. Competitive levels will be formed if the quality of teams at an age group classification permits. AA is the highest competitive level (declared Tier II teams), A is the second competitive level and B is the third level.
      3. Any association may field teams at any competitive level regardless of the number of players at that age level or the number of registered teams in that age classification.
      4. “Team Wyoming” may play any WAHL team; however, the results of that game will not count toward the WAHL standings.
      5. It is the responsibility of each Age Director to maintain the competitive integrity of each level within his/her age classification. The Age Director shall decide if reassignment of a team to a higher or lower level will establish competitive balance. The Age Director’s decision is final.
    2. The WAHL shall be divided into two divisions – the East and the West Divisions.  Unless there are eight teams or fewer then competition will be statewide.
    3. Associations shall be placed into their respective divisions using geographic considerations. Requests by associations may be considered with the final determination to be made by the voting members of WAHL.
    4. Interdivisional play should occur and those interdivisional games shall count in the WAHL standings. However, all teams in the same divisions must play each other at least once.
    5. It is recognized that those associations with outdoor ice and no refrigeration may encounter difficulty in providing continuous ice conditions suitable for play. Therefore, the months of December and January should be contemplated for scheduling WAHL events at the outdoor ice and indoor arenas should make every attempt to schedule WAHL events in October, November, and February. Weather conditions may necessitate the need to schedule WAHL events at indoor ice associations during December and January.



  1. The Squirt Division will be split into divisions based upon geographic location.  There will be either three (3) or four (4) divisions based upon the number of declared teams.  Each division will have no less than four (4) teams.  All WAHL based games will be played within the division.
  2. Referees
    1. Officials shall avoid officiating league games in which blood relatives or members of their household are participating as players or coaches.  Should a situation arise whereby an official must officiate, and said official is a blood relative or household member of a game participant, he/she must complete the following requirements before the start of the game:  Report the nature of the relationship to the other game officials and coaches or each team.


    1. Team declarations must be received in writing (2) weeks before the scheduling meeting. The declarations are sent to the WAHL Scheduler.


    1. Individual
      1. All players must comply with all rules and regulations of other associations, WAHL, WAHA, and USA Hockey to be eligible to participate in WAHL activities.
      2. Players must be registered with USA Hockey to be eligible to participate in WAHL activities.
      3. Players must be rostered on a USA Hockey sanctioned team to be eligible to participate in WAHL activities.
      4. No player shall be eligible to participate who had reached nineteen (19) year of age prior to July 1st of the current playing season.
      5. No player may register and participate on more than one (1) WAHL team within the same age classification.
      6. Copies of USA hockey approved proof of age and USA Hockey Numbers must be received by the state registrar prior to being put on a signed, stamped, official roster. 
    2. Teams
      1. Only USA Hockey sanctioned teams are eligible to participate in WAHL activities.
      2. The WAHL Age Director must receive a copy of the USA Hockey Roster that is signed and stamped with the red seal of the WAHA Scheduler before any games may be played. Local association Registrars are responsible for forwarding rosters to the appropriate WAHL Age Director. Further information can be found in the USA Hockey and WAHL Rules and Regulations.
      3. Revisions to currently signed USA Hockey Team Rosters must be received by the Director of the Team’s Age Group prior to any game participation.
      4. Midget and/or High School age teams in the WAHL can either roster as a USA Hockey High School Team or a USA Hockey Midget Team.
      5. Female players are eligible to participate on all teams but must follow USA Hockey age requirements.


    1. Teams and Associations shall strongly encourage players to register with a team and Association whose rink is closest to the player’s full-time residence for WAHL play.
    2. Before transferring, a letter clearly stating the player is in good standing with the current Association must be obtained by the President of the Association to which the player wishes to transfer from the President of the player’s current Association. A copy of the letter must also be forwarded to the appropriate WAHL Age Director before participation in any game with a new team or Association.


    1. No player transfers (movement) or roster additions will be permitted after December 31st of the current WAHL season for purposes of WAHL play. Exceptions may be made for late registration or adding or removing a "back-up" goaltender as discussed in Rule XV, with the approval of the appropriate WAHL Age Director.
      1. Players whose parents or guardians have physically moved to a new town within the state or into the state of Wyoming from another state shall be eligible to register for the team or association closest to the new home address.
    2. Any player rostered on a “AA” WAHL team shall not be permitted to move down to an “A” or “B” WAHL team in the same age classification after participating in five (5) WAHL games.
    3. Any player listed on the roster of an “A” WAHL team shall not be permitted to move to a “B” WAHL team in the same age classification after participating in five (5) WAHL games.
    4. All player movement from a higher to a lower competitive level must be approved in advance by the appropriate WAHL Age Director. All requests for movement are to be made in writing through the appropriate WAHL Age Director from the President of the Association and a clearly stated reason must accompany the request. The WAHL Age Director shall have the authority to deny any request if a move upsets the competitive balance of the Age Division. The WAHL Age Director decision shall be final.
    5. Participation in any WAHL game involving an unapproved player movement shall result in a game forfeiture for the offending team.
    6. Player movement upward is permitted without prior authorization within the same age classification and must be completed by December 28th of the current season.
    7. The final approved and signed official USA Hockey player roster shall be forwarded and postmarked by the Association Registrar to the appropriate WAHL Age Director by January 10th of the current WAHL season.
    8. A player movement upward in classification is to be regulated by the local Association.
    9. These rules (Section XIII) govern only the Wyoming Amateur Hockey League.


    1. Players are prohibited from being rostered on more than one (1) WAHL team in the same age group classification during the current season.
    2. Multiple rostering may occur for the purpose of non-WAHL play (i.e. a Team Wyoming player may roster on a local Association team.)
    3. Goaltenders shall be permitted to be rostered on more than one (1) team within their association for the purpose of ensuring each team has a back-up goaltender. In no case may an older goaltender “play down” to a lower age group classification for WAHL play.
    4. Associations that have a low number of registered players in an age group are allowed to roster players from other Associations. The intent of this rule it to allow teams with a small roster the ability to have a minimum of ten (10) skaters on their team for any given WAHL game. The rule does not allow teams that have an adequate roster to add additional skilled players to their roster, thereby “stacking” a team. Teams that add players from other Associations to their roster are required to provide matching team jerseys for games.


    1. Each team should have two (2) rostered goaltenders on their official USA Hockey player roster. If a team is unable to roster two (2) regular goaltenders, or its rostered goaltender(s) is(are) unavailable, the use of a “backup” goaltender is authorized with the following rules:
      1. The back-up must be a rostered player within the WAHL and listed on an official USA Hockey player roster and identified on the roster as a back-up goaltender.
      2. The use of the back-up goaltender in any game is limited to those situations in which the team’s regular goaltender is unable to participate.
      3. If a back-up goaltender is required, a period of no more than five (5) minutes shall be allowed by the referee to dress the back-up goaltender.
      4. The appropriate WAHL Age Director shall have the authority to investigate the circumstances requiring the use of a back-up goaltender. If that WAHL Age Director determines that a back-up goaltender was used to gain competitive advantage, the WAHL Age Director can impose a game forfeiture for the offending team and an immediate suspension of the offending team’s head coach. 
      5. The length of the imposed suspension allowed in Section XV, Subsection a, paragraph iv shall be determined by the WAHL Board of Directors (Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner, WAHL Age Directors, Secretary, Treasurer, and Scheduler.)


    1. Any WAHL team using an ineligible player(s) shall forfeit all WAHL games in which such player(s) participated.
    2. Ineligibility includes, but is not limited to, improper USA Hockey registration (team and/or individual), improper use of back-up goaltender, improper movement or lack of documentation.
    3. The Association using an ineligible player(s) maybe subject to disciplinary measure(s) as determined by the WAHL Board of Directors.


    1. In the event a player is injured during a practice, game, or other sanctioned event and such injury results in the player being transported from the site of injury by emergency medical personnel or otherwise seeking medical attention for the injury, the Team Manager shall be required to:
      1. Report the details of the incident to both the appropriate WAHL Age Director and the USA Hockey Associate Risk Manager.
      2. Complete and submit all required forms to USA Hockey’s Rocky Mountain Risk Manager.
    2. The injured player may return to active practice or WAHL play only after presenting a written statement of release to return to active play from a qualified health professional (i.e. MD, PA, or NP). The parent(s) or guardian(s) of the injured player must sign the release statement. The statement must be received by the appropriate WAHL Age Director and USA Hockey Associate Risk Manager prior to the injured player returning to active participation.
    3. Permitted an injured player to return to active participation before the WAHL Age Director receives all appropriate written release statements shall cause any and all games in which the injured player participated to be forfeited. The WAHL Board of Directors shall immediately investigate any such incident and determine if any disciplinary action is to be taken.


    1. WAHA retains the authority to impose sanctions for major penalties after a hearing according to WAHA Bylaws and Constitution and USA Hockey Bylaws.
    2. The WAHA Code of Conduct shall govern all WAHL play.


    1. WAHL league game format is home and home games for all age divisions.
    2. Team declarations must be received via email two (2) weeks before the Scheduling Meeting. Declarations are sent to the WAHL Scheduler.
      1. The declaration lists identifies the teams planning to play in WAHL.  Each Member Association commits teams by stating the number of teams per age group and the desired competitive level per team. 
    3. WAHL may fine an Association if they withdraw any teams from their declaration list after the Schedulers Meeting is complete.  The fine amount is up to $500 per occurrence.
    4. The WAHL Scheduler reviews all the declarations and creates leagues based on the below criteria: 
      1. See rule IX Competition Sections A, B, C, D, E
      2. If an association declared both an A and B team in the same age division and the WAHL Scheduler determines there will only be one league due to the lack of minimum number of teams, the association will make a good faith effort to have two equal teams playing in the same league.  Otherwise, see rule IX Competition Section A paragraph iii.  This rule does not apply to any High School division.
      3. All age divisions play a 16 game schedule comprised of eight home games and 8 away games as determined by the WAHL Scheduler.  The WAHL Scheduler will publish each team’s opponent and host site prior to the WAHL Scheduling Meeting.
    5. The WAHL Scheduling Meeting will be held on the last Saturday of September for the upcoming season. The purpose of this meeting is to set the Master Schedule for all age divisions and all WAHL Championship weekends (XXVII WAHL Playoffs and Championships, Paragraph g).
    6. The meeting shall consist of the WAHL Board of Directors and no more than two voting Scheduling Representatives from each Member Association.
    7.  All associations with outdoor rinks where weather temperature is time sensitive must be put in the selection order no later than as the 5th team to select dates.
    8. The league games are preferably scheduled for one Saturday game and one Sunday game however, games can be scheduled for the same day or one on Friday evening and one Saturday morning.
    9. See rule IX Competition Sections B, C, D regarding East-West Divisions and Interdivision play. 
      1. Each team will be assigned at least one crossover opponent. The WAHL Scheduler will try to build a Master Schedule to accommodate travel of similar age groups/competitive levels of the Member Associations.   The age group pairings of Squirt/Peewee teams and Bantam/Midget Minor/Midget Major teams are recommended to travel together.
      2. Game times are not required to be given at the Schedulers Meeting.
      3. It is recommended the older age groups play at later times.  Specifically, it is recommended the Midget Majors play at times intended to attract high school student attendance.
      4. When scheduling game times, it is recommended to give at least four hours of rest time between games during the same day and at least twelve hours of rest between games played in the evening and games the next morning.
    10. The WAHL Age Director will post the Master Schedule no later than two weeks after the Schedulers Meeting.
    11. The Master Schedule will be published via e-mail and the WAHL Website for all Member Associations to access.
    12. Upon completion of the Master Schedule and publication by the appropriate WAHL Age Director, the Master Schedule cannot be modified without the consent of the appropriate Age Director, the host team and the travelling team.


    1. Any team failing to appear (except for an unavoidable conflict as listed in Section XIX, Paragraph e) for a scheduled WAHL game(s) shall forfeit said game(s). The game is recorded as a one to zero (1 to 0) victory for the opposing team. If WAHL is awarding fair play points, the team receiving the forfeit victory shall also ear the fair play points, while the forfeiting team shall not receive any fair play points.
    2. With the exception of the Squirt Age Division, the offending team or Member Association shall pay a one-thousand dollar ($1000.00) fine for ice time and referee fees for the failure to appear at game(s) in addition to the forfeit of game(s). Payment of the fine is required within thirty (30) days after the failure to appear.
    3. The offending team will be declared ineligible for the WAHL Tournament and will be classified by WAHA and WAHL as a team “Not-In-Good-Standing” until all necessary items are taken care of for the team to then be considered “In-Good-Standing”.


    1. All teams must designate coaches, assistant coaches, and managers on the official USA Hockey Team Applications and USA Hockey Team/Player Rosters. No other personnel shall be allowed on the player’s bench.
    2. Coaches, assistant coaches, and managers must be properly registered with USA Hockey.
    3. No currently registered WAHL player may act in a coaching capacity within the WAHL at the player’s current age classification. 
    4. Coaches will complete Coaches’ Clinics as required by WAHA and/or USA Hockey and be able to present certification credentials upon request.
    5. Coaches, assistant coaches, and managers under the age of eighteen (18) must wear a USA Hockey approved helmet and face mask at all times when on the bench.
    6. The team manager or representative should have access to an official USA Hockey roster at every regular season game. 


    1. Each game shall consist of three (3) periods.
    2. There will be one (1) minute break between periods.
    3. Each team will be allowed one (1) time-out lasting one (1) minute per game.
    4. Each Association shall allocate the minimum ice time slots for each league game as follows:

Midgets and/or High School               minimum 1 hour and 45 minutes

Bantam                                                        minimum 1 hour and 30 minutes

Peewee                                                       minimum 1 hour and 15 minutes

Squirt                                                            minimum 1 hour

Girls                                                               minimum 1 hour and 30 minutes

  1. The length of each game shall not exceed the designated times and shall be played as follows, except when Section XXIII, Paragraph b applies:

Classification                                             Period                   Time and Clock

Midgets and/or High School               1-2-3                      18-stop, 18-stop, 18-stop

Bantam                                                        1-2-3                      16-stop, 16-stop, 16-stop

Peewee                                                       1-2-3                      14-stop, 14-stop, 14-stop

Squirt                                                            1-2-3                      12-stop, 12-stop, 12-stop

Girls                                                               1-2-3                      16-stop, 16-stop, 16-stop

  1. No WAHL games are to be played at tournaments.
  2. All outdoor rinks will play the recommended times set by the league.  For play in the third period, the time allotment will be cut to ½ of the allotted time at which the whistle will sound the end of the ½ period.  A one-minute stoppage in play will be given to each team.  The teams will then switch ends and play the remaining last ½ of the third period.
  3. If at any time during the third period the difference in score exceeds seven (7) goals, the clock will shift to run time. If the score differential becomes four (4), then the clock will automatically shift back to a stop-time format for the remainder of the game. This rule DOES NOT apply to any games held during the State Playoffs weekend.
    1. The home team manager (officials) shall inform the referee and head coach of the visiting team before the start of the game that there is a curfew time for each game. It shall be recorded on the official league score sheet and the head coaches and referees shall initial score sheet.
    2. At the end of the second period, the officials shall determine whether sufficient time remains to complete the game by the curfew time limit. If not, the third period shall be played under running time and shortened as necessary in order to accommodate the curfew time limit. If running time is initiated and the score is within a two (2)-goal differential, the final two (2) minutes of play shall be played with stop time.


    1. Roster information will be entered into Pointstreak by the league or local association Pointstreak administrator, all game sheets will be printed by the host association and present at the scorer’s tables before the start of each game.
    2. All games played will be entered twenty four (24) hours of game completion. Failure to comply shall result in the Association with the responsibility to enter the score sheet being fined, at the discretion of the appropriate Age Director, one-hundred dollars ($100) for each game that was not entered within this timeframe.    
    3. The appropriate Age Director will notify the responsible Member Association in writing if there are any fines assessed.  All fines will be billed by the WAHL Treasurer.
    4. All scheduled game times will be entered into the Pointstreak system no less than ten (10) days prior to game day.  Failure to comply will result in a ten dollar ($10) fine per game, assessed at the discretion of the appropriate Age Director that is not entered into the system.  


    1. The host association will enter the game information and results into Pointstreak within twenty four (24) hours of the completion of the game.
    2. Game misconduct, gross misconduct and match penalties incurred by a player, coach or league official during a league game shall be entered into Pointstreak.  Once entered, offenders will be automatically suspended and excluded from the team roster for the duration of suspension.  It shall be the responsibility of League Age Directors to verify game suspensions and post notification on the league website within twenty-four (24) hours.  Any offender who serves a game suspension during a game other than a WAHL game must notify the appropriate age director in writing and provide a signed game sheet attesting to said offender’s completion of suspension.  An offender may also provide written notification from an opposing referee, or tournament director attesting to offender’s compliance of said suspension.
    3. Failure to comply with rule XXV paragraphs A and B shall result in the suspension of the head coach until compliance is achieved.


    1. Points shall be awarded as follows:

Win                two (2) points

Tie                  one (1) points

Loss               zero (0) points

  1. Fair Play points will be awarded as follows:

Midgets and/or High School               One (1) point for 8 or fewer penalties per game

Bantam                                                        One (1) point for 7 or fewer penalties per game

Peewee                                                       One (1) point for 6 or fewer penalties per game

  1. The standings will be based on and verified by the copy of the official league game score sheet as entered into Pointstreak.


    1. A Wyoming State Champion shall be determined by a playoff method as outlined in Section XXVI. The final standings in the WAHL shall determine the participants in the playoffs and seeding for the playoff bracket.
    2. If two (2) or more teams in the same division have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaking formulas. In order to break the tie at any level with the formulas set forth, the tie breaking rule must be applied to all teams tied at that level.
      1. The results of the games played between the teams tied in the following order:
        1. The points acquired in these games.
        2. Subtracting goals scored against from goals scored in these games.
        3. Dividing the goals scored in these games by the goals scored against, the positions being determined in order of the greatest quotient.
      2. If, after applying the formulas of subsection i, subparagraphs 1, 2, or 3 above, the tie still exists, subsection i subparagraphs 2 and 3 shall be applied using all of the games played by the teams tied. The formulas shall be applied in order of (i) 1, 2, and 3 and until one formula breaks the tie between all of the teams at the same time.



  1. Divisions will be established at the annual schedulers meeting by the Age Director of each division.  Approved State Tournament formats are as follows.
    1. 4 Team Division – Four Team Round Robin
    2. 5 Team Division – Five Team Round Robin
    3. 6 Team Division – Six Team Round Robin
    4. 6 Team Division – Six Team Double Elimination
    5. 7-8 Team Division – Eight Team Consolation Bracket
      1. In a 7 team division the # 1 seed will receive a bye in the first round.
    6. 12 Team Division – 12 Team Single Elimination Bracket.
  2. Divisions will be seeded as follows.
    1. In a division with state wide competition seeding will be established based on the regular season standings after the last game has been played.
    2. In an age division with East/West the teams will be seeded based on their position at the end of the regular season play in their respective divisions.  In a six team round robin format seeding will be East 1st, West 2nd, West 3rd and West 1st, East 2nd, East 3rd – with round robin play within the pools.  In six, eight or twelve team bracket, the seeding will be East 1 - # 1, West 1 - # 2, continuing until all teams are seeded.  The #1 seed will be rotated as follows, odd years East #1, even years West #1. 
  3. It is recommended that considerations be given to travel distances for these games. Game sequence schedule shall be approved by the WAHL Age Director.
  4. In pool and round robin play – for games decided in regulation or sudden death overtime, two (2) points are earned for a victory and zero for a loss. For games decided in a shootout, two (2) points are earned for a victory and one (1) point for a loss.
  5. All ties in State Playoff, Consolation, and Championship games shall be played until there is a winner as follows:
    1. Five (5) minute stop time sudden death overtime period.
    2. If still tied, a five (5) man shootout.
    3. If still tied, sudden death shootout until a winner is decided.

  6. a.       Tie breakers will be determined as outlined in the USA Hockey Annual Guide.  Refer to tie breakers for Youth and High School Varsity Prep, tie breaking rules to determine standings position.
  7. For the WAHL Midgets and/or High School, division playoffs, Consolation, and Championship games, a four (4) man officiating team is required.
  8. The WAHL playoffs and Championship game should be scheduled in February after all WAHL play has been completed. The dates of the playoffs and Championship game shall be set at the annual scheduling meeting of the previous year. Every effort shall be made to minimize the impact of conflicts with other Northern Plains District.
  9. Associations wishing to host the playoffs and WAHL Championship will be required to provide a bid to host the event.  Bids should be provided to the WAHL Commissioner by the date indicated by the commissioner. 
  10. Teams are to make a commitment stating whether they will attend the State Playoffs/Championship Event by December 1st of the current season. This commitment shall be made in writing, either by mail or e-mail, to the appropriate WAHL Age director with an acknowledgement from the WAHL Age Director to the team. Teams that commit and qualify for the playoffs but do not appear can be fined $150 by the WAHL Age Director.
  11. Each player shall be rostered on the USA Hockey Official Team Roster and the Official Team Roster shall be signed by the State Registrar. Team managers are not required to present an official roster at the state tournament.
  12. A player must be on the score sheet and eligible to play at 50% of regular League play in order to be eligible to participate in the State Tournament. Exceptions can be granted by the Age Director. All appeals must be made in writing and submitted to the Age Director for decision at least two (2) weeks before the first game of the State Tournament.
  13. The U18 A & B Boys and U19 Girls State Tournament Weekends will include an All-State Hockey Team selection process. The WAHL Commissioner will appoint a committee to oversee the selection process and the awards will be presented at the State Tournament. The awards will be purchased by WAHL.


    1. Rule changes may be ratified at the annual WAHL Meeting.
    2. All changes are to be sent to the President of every Member Association and all governing bodies, including all WAHL participants, forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the annual meeting.
    3. Ratified changes shall be effective September 1st of the following hockey season.
    4. All changes shall be dated and signed by the WAHL Secretary and the WAHL Commissioner.
    5. Original signed WAHL documentation will be held by the WAHL Secretary.


    1. These rules and regulations shall only apply to WAHL and should not be used to interpret or govern other association rules.


























 Approved Tournament Formats










6 Team Double Elimination Bracket







Seed # 1









Seed # 3

Game 3

W Game 3








Game 1

W Game 1









Seed # 6







Game 7

W Game 7







Seed # 4










Game 2

Seed # 2









Seed # 5

Game 4

W Game 4






Game 10



W Game 2



















Loser G1


Loser Game 7








Game 5

W Game 5






Game 9

W Game 9


Loser G3











Game 8

W Game 8



Loser G2










Game 6

W Game 6









Loser G4


















8 Team Consolation Bracket









Consolation Bracket



Championship Bracket





















































































Winner = 3rd Place






Winner =Tournament

Loser = 4th Place













Loser = 2nd Place